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Bingo is one of the most popular games in the world. Going to the bingo hall is the opportunity to meet and socialize with friends and share in the atmosphere and excitement of playing. It's a chance to get out, have some fun, meet people and hopefully win a few games. How can an online game compare?

Most online games try to recreate the ambience and camaraderie of a bingo hall. Colorful graphics and sound effects replace the live audience. The ball blower becomes an animated picture. The electronic display is reproduced in miniature over the virtual cards. Many sites have a caller.

One of the most important features of online bingo sites is the chat room. You may be sitting at home alone but you can talk to people from around the world. The chat rooms are usually divided into theme or age-specific rooms. You can join in the conversation if you want to or just listen. Many online bingo friendships happen. Chat rooms develop regular crowds and favorite topics.

But what's the point, you may ask, of sitting at home alone playing when you can go to a real hall? Well a lot of people don't live near a bingo hall so online games offer them the opportunity to play. Bad weather makes even the most intrepid bingo player think twice before heading out. For stay-at-home parents, online games offer the chance to play when time permits -- a game during nap time, no baby sitter required.

Online games are open 24 hours a day. Many people work irregular hours so the fact that online games are always open is a blessing for the shift worker who needs a bingo fix.

And let's not forget goofing off at work! The people at Gamesville certainly took that into consideration when they offered the panic button to all us office goof-offs. Hit the button and a pseudo-screen with official-looking graphs and text pops up. Clever!

I don't think online bingo will ever replace traditional bingo. But both games offer advantages to the bingo player and I'm sure we'll see a lot more interest in online games in the years to come.

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Online bingo, just like regular bingo, is an exciting game. It is very fast paced, and most sites have new games starting every few minutes. They also have free games and rounds that offer jackpots that are based on the number of players and cards per game. So the more cards you have, the more chances you have of winning!

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