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Text messaging has taken hold in all walks of life and the world of online bingo is no exception. Online bingo players learn and use the text messaging lingo, or bingo slang, for quick and easy communication in the bingo chat rooms.

Although it takes a short while to get your head around the abbreviations, bingo chat slang is a lot of fun and can make the banter amongst players extremely entertaining. There is another advantage, you'll be able to understand your kids!

Here are just some of the online bingo chat slang terms you're likely to find in a bingo chat room.

0x = Thanks

2U2 = To you too

? = Please explain

?4U = Question for you

AAMOF = As a matter of fact

AFAIK = As far as I know

AFK = Away from keyboard

AKA - Also known as

ASAP = As soon as possible

ASL = Age, sex, location?

ASLP = Age, sex, location, picture?

B4 = Before

B4N = Bye for now

BAC = Back at computer

BBIAB = Be back in a bit

BBL = Be back later

BBS = Be back soon

BC = Be cool

BF = Boyfriend

BFN = Bye for now

BLNT = Better luck next time

BOT = Back on topic...

BRB = Be right back

BRH = Be right here

BTDT = Been there, done that

BTW = By the way

CMIIW = Correct me if I'm wrong

CU = See you

CUL = Catch you later

CUL8R = See you later

CWOT = Complete waste of time

CYA = See ya

DIY = Do it yourself

EAK = Eating at keyboard

EOD = End of discussion

EOL = End of lecture

F = Female

F2F = Face to face

FAQ = Frequently asked questions

FCOL = For crying out loud!

FOCL = Falling off the chair laughing

FOFL = Falling on the floor laughing

FWIW = For what it's worth

FYI = For your information

G2G = Gotta go

GAL = Get a life

GAS = salutations

GF = Girlfriend

GFN = Gone for now

GG = Good game (or good going)

GJ = Good job

GL = Good luck

GM = Good move/match (or good morning)

GMTA = Great minds think alike

GN = Good night

H&K = Hugs and Kisses

HAGD = Have a good day

HB = Hurry back

HF = Have fun

HOAS = Hold on a second

IAC = In any case

IAGW = In a good way

IC = I see

IDGI = I don't get it

IIRC = If I remember correctly

IK = I know

IKWUM = I know what you mean

IMAO = In my arrogant opinion

IMHO = In my humble opinion

IMNSHO = In my not so humble opinion

IOW = In other words

IRL = In real life

IRSTBO = It really sucks the big one

IS = I'm sorry

J/K = Just kidding

J/P = Just playing

JMO = Just my opinion

JMHO = Just my humble opinion

JTLYK = Just to let you know

K = OK

KIT = Keep in touch

KOTC = Kiss on the cheek

KOTL = Kiss on the lips

KWIM = Know what I mean?

L8R = Later

L8R G8R = Later gator

LMAO = Laughing my a•• off

LMK = Let me know

LOL = Laugh out loud

LOFTING = Talking in private chat (the loft)

LTNS = Long time no see

LTR = Long term relationship

LUWAMH = Love you with all my heart

LY = Love ya

LYK = Let you know

M = Male

N = In

N2M = Not too much

NETUA = Nobody ever tells us anything

NM = Nevermind, Not much

NMH = Not much here

NMJC = Nothing much, just chillin'

NOYB = None of your business

NP = No problem

OIC = Oh, I see

OMG = Oh my gosh (oh my goodness)

OT = Off topic / Other topic

OTOH = On the other hand

PLZ = Please

PM = Private message

PMSL = Pi**ing myself laughing

POOF = I have left the chat

PPL = People

QT = Cutie

ROTFL = Rolling on the floor laughing

ROTFLMAO = Rolling on the floor laughing my a•• off

S2R = Send to receive

SCNR = Sorry, could not resist

SOHF - Sense of humour failure

SRY = Sorry

SWAK = Sealed with a kiss

SWALK = Sweet, with all love, kisses

SYSOP = System Operator

TC = Take care

TCO = Taken care of

THX = Thanks

TIA = Thanks in advance

TMA = Take my advice

TNX = Thanks

TTFN = Ta ta for now

TTYL = Talk to you later

TY = Thank you

TYVM = Thank you very much

U2 = You too

UR = Your

W8 = Wait

W8AM = Wait a minute

WB = Welcome back (or write back)

WE = Whatever

WNDITWB = We never did it this way before

WOT = Waste of time

WRT = With Regard To

WTG = Way to go!

WYSIWYG = What you see is what you get

Y = Why?

YVW = You're very welcome

YW = You're welcome

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