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Online Bingo is a fun and easy game to play. All you need is a great bingo hall and a little luck. A successful online bingo player will be playing all of their bingo cards, following the numbers that have been called and making sure they haven't fallen behind on the current number list. Most online bingo games offer what is called Auto-Daub Feature. This will mark all balls called and place your top cards in your viewing screen. This way you can watch 100 bingo cards and play slots at the same time.

Without the Auto-Daub Feature you risk the chance of claiming false bingo's. If you claim a false Bingo, too many times, your bingo button may become deactivated.

Many people will be online playing Bingo with you, just as if you were in your local bingo hall, all trying to match a set of randomly drawn numbers on a set of 5 X 5 bingo cards. If a player marks a set of numbers on one of their cards that fulfills the pattern requirements of that game, they will declare Bingo and win that game.

IMPORTANT! If you fail to press the Bingo button you will not win that game, even if you have a Bingo. When you win Bingo, it is announced in the chat windows of that game. The game then pauses a few seconds to give other players a chance to claim bingo's, after which the winners for that game are announced and the game goes to intermission for a few seconds.

The Object of Online Bingo Games

The object of Bingo is to match all numbers in a row on your card horizontally, vertically, diagonally or any other bingo pattern which will be shown in the upper right corner at most games. With the random numbers called from the Bingo computer. There is a wide variety of bingo game patterns;

Regular or Static Patterns - The standard game type is a (regular) static pattern. These patterns cannot be rotated or shifted on the Bingo card and are won only when every cell that is highlighted in the game pattern image is marked on a single Bingo card.

Crazy Patterns - Games that allow the pattern to be rotated in 90 degree increments are designated as 'Crazy' games. A number of static patterns also have a 'Crazy' variation. Unlike static patterns that do not allow the pattern to be shifted or rotated, Crazy games can be rotated by 90°, 180° or 270° for a winning pattern match.
Wild Patterns - These patterns can be located anywhere on the Bingo card. The pattern must stay intact but can be any place on the card in any location.

Once you complete the pattern you have a BINGO!

How You Play Online Bingo

You will start off with as many bingo cards as you chose to play. This is done with Purchase Cards button or in the Options Area of your online bingo software. In most bingo games this is 3 to 100 cards.

Each of these bingo cards are a 5 space x 5 space grid with the letters B, I, N, G, and O at the top of each column. A set of numbers, usually between 1 and 75, will be filling all spaces but the center space of the bingo card, this is the Free Space. You get it free every bingo game although it is not used in every bingo card pattern needed to win.

Each time a number is called, that number will be displayed in a box above the Bingo cards.You can use the Callers Voice and in most bingo games, you can choose between several voices.

How To Mark Your Bingo Cards

Once a number is called, check all of your Bingo cards. If the number called matches a number on one or more of your Bingo cards, mark that square on your Bingo cards by clicking on it with your mouse. This will mark that square with a colored circle. You don't have to mark the center square labeled FREE. The FREE Square counts towards all of the Bingo patterns if it is part of the pattern being played.

Remember, if auto-daub is available in your game, a checkbox will appear on the game screen. If auto-daub is enabled you do not have to daub your own cards, it will mark them for you.

What To Do If You Have A BINGO!

If you match the game pattern, hit the BINGO button only once. The Bingo button is on the right side of the game screen in most games.

- You will not be a winner unless you hit the BINGO button.

Claiming Bingo will register your Bingo win and confirm that your Bingo card has the correct numbers called. If you submit to many incorrect claims, your bingo button will be deactivated.

If more than one player has a winning Bingo card, the Bingo jackpot value will be divided equally among the winners.

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Online bingo, just like regular bingo, is an exciting game. It is very fast paced, and most sites have new games starting every few minutes. They also have free games and rounds that offer jackpots that are based on the number of players and cards per game. So the more cards you have, the more chances you have of winning!

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