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Bingo is one of the simplest games around and is enjoyed at all occasions from children’s parties to charity functions of even just to pass the time.

Originating in Europe, early games were played in Italy back in the 1500’s. Later the French started playing and introduced the first bingo cards. Later, the Germans used the game to teach children basic arithmetic and English language. By the 1800’s, bingo had gripped all of Europe. The game was introduced in America in early 1900’s. Due to its thrilling nature, the game spread fast and was soon used not only in gatherings but also in fund raising events and especially by the church. Even today the game is used in charity functions and in primary schools.

In order to play, all you need are bingo cards and a bingo cage to contain the balls to be called out. Bingo cards consist of five rows and five columns. These twenty five spaces would usually have numbers written on them. However, to add kicks to the game one may replace them with cars, traffic signals etc. Daubers or chips are used to mark the numbers that are called on the cards. Most players prefer daubers to chips. The popularity of daubers has increased so much that daubers now come in various sizes, shapes and designs like Uncle Sam daubers, Elvis daubers etc. personalized daubers are also in vogue. You can readily purchase Bingo kits which contain all the necessary requirements.

Like all other games, Bingo has it’s own terminology. You need to be aware of the bingo terms needed to play the game easily. Over the years many books on bingo found their way to the book stalls. There are books for novices, for players wishing to improve their game, even for those who want to cheat in the game. Though bingo is quite simple, serious players can devise certain strategies using these works. There are also some directories that list the places where the game is played.

The exciting feature of Bingo is it’s luck factor. Everyone has a fair chance of winning. The luck factor always brings superstition. Lucky charms and stones are common place in the game of bingo.

Bingo Cruises are organized at different times of the year for bingo fans. These cruises give the players a chance to play and holiday at the same time. The cruises can extend from one day to a week and the prizes include gifts and money.

These days, bingo games are widely available on the internet. These games are played continuously in the online gaming rooms and you can play in the comfortable of your own home.

Although a recreational activity, bingo is governed by the Bingo Act of 1996. This Act contains certain provisions like the tax terms, the prize money in a game, and the regulation of Bingo organizations etc.

The widespread development of Bingo and it’s amazing popularity has given rise to an entire line of merchandise dedicated solely to the game or it’s related areas. From the Bingo kit to Good Luck charms, everything you can think of can be bought from the many online and high street stores.

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Online bingo, just like regular bingo, is an exciting game. It is very fast paced, and most sites have new games starting every few minutes. They also have free games and rounds that offer jackpots that are based on the number of players and cards per game. So the more cards you have, the more chances you have of winning!

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